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Your workplace culture is constantly changing. The Emtrain blog is dedicated to bringing human resources professionals, compliance officers, and other culture leaders new ideas and resources they can use to cultivate a conscious workplace. From evolving your code of conduct into a culture code to giving your employees the language and workplace skills they need to be a positive part of a respectful workplace culture, we’ve got you covered.

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace: Let's Get Personal

I had the privilege of attending a hearing in Sacramento presented by The Legislative Women's Caucus and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls called Implicit Bias and Its...
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How to Avoid a Bias or Retaliation Claim

Do you think your company is immune to gender bias, discrimination, and harassment claims? Think again. Read on to learn how you can protect yourself and your company from the...
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Brogrammers Disrupted: How Silicon Valley Could Become More Inclusive

The impact of technology on mainstream society has grown beyond measure. From the dawn of the Gig Economy to the ubiquity of smartphones, the way we live our lives has...
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The Strategy Female White House Staffers Used to Get Their Ideas Heard

A recent study found that listeners (both male and female) are biased against female speakers even if they say the exact same thing as a man. This can be problematic in day-to-day...
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Webinar Q&A: Building an Unconscious Bias Program

During our recent Lessons on Building an Effective Unconscious Bias Program webinar, we gave attendees the opportunity to pick the brains of managing unconscious bias expert and Paradigm Founder & CEO, Joelle...
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Managing Unconscious Bias: Videos Model New Strategies

An inclusive and diverse workforce not only produces better results, it allows for employee's strengths, talents and perspectives to be heard. Organizations encouraging a variety of opinions from employees working...
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