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What You Need to Know About COVID-19

Today’s coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is affecting employers in numerous ways, including how to navigate leaves of absence, how to navigate the business need for layoffs or furloughs, and how to...
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Recent Laws That We’re Thankful For

It’s almost Thanksgiving and we’re looking back at some of the game-changing laws that passed recently and for which we’re thankful. We’re not biased, but our home state of California...
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Here Are the Elements for a Monopolization Claim under the Federal Antitrust Laws

Earlier this month, our new Antitrust and Competition Law course expert, Jarod Bona, shared some insights on his blog about how the federal antitrust agencies and courts decide if an organization's behavior would...
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Employee Q&A: Antitrust Compliance Edition

For many, navigating antitrust and competition law is not intuitive. Having access to experts on the topic when issues arise can help employees make better decisions that won't land your...
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