Staying Away From the Red Zone

Some Silicon Valley tech companies and other organizations beyond are currently in what Emtrain would call, the “Red Zone.” When there is Red activity, the workplace is unproductive, uninviting and hostile. The Red Zone can be recognized as any comments and actions that are pervasive and fall into unlawful harassment. With great frustrations floating around the tech industry, Emtrain provides help and guidance to employers and employees that may be in a position where it is needed.

In a recent podcast hosted by Annie Rogaski with Unraveling Pink, Emtrain’s CEO and founder, Janine Yancey, discusses topics on diversity as well as how Emtrain’s resources can be viewed as a sign of hope in steering your organization away from the Red Zone (where misconduct and legal issues may arise) and into the Green Zone (where communication is positive and respectful).

As many organizations struggle with talking about diversity and staying clear of frustrations that may arise, leveraging neutral language and a common framework can be helpful to opening a dialog and creating a healthier workplace.

Have workplace questions? Check out Emtrain’s Q&A page to receive expert advice and improve the health of your organization.

Alicia Busse

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