Strong Cultures Produce Strong Results

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with three remarkable business leaders – Steve Cadigan, who was previously at Linkedin, Dave Mandelbrot, the CEO of Indiegogo and Jon Hicks, employment counsel at Netflix.  I encourage everyone to listen to each of the discussions because they each talked about how a strong culture helps produce strong business results and they gave illustrations of how that concept played out at Linkedin, Indiegogo and Netflix.

At Linkedin, their mission of putting their members first helped steer critical business decisions early in the company history and their strong core values helped them recruit top talent in Silicon Valley, often winning talent away from Apple, Google and Facebook. According to Steve, having core values and a strong culture is like a “true north” that guides the company in times of change.

Indiegogo has FACE – Fearless, Authentic, Collaborative & Empowering as its core values and uses an anonymous employee promoter score (EPS) each month to gauge morale and culture and show employees that leadership cares about their experience and is listening. Indiegogo’s value of being authentic gives everyone in the workforce the green light to give candid feedback and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Lastly, Netflix is … Netflix and it continues to be a culture leader.  The Netflix culture helps determine who joins the company, how people succeed and build their careers there, and how business decisions are made. Ten years after publishing their culture deck, the Netflix culture continues to be a recipe for success.

Everyone will benefit from listening to these business leaders and how a strong culture drives good business results:

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