Inclusion in the Hybrid Workplace

Creating Space for Remote Workers

While hybrid workplaces can support many employees, such as working parents, caregivers, and employees with a longer commute, it can also introduce the potential of exclusion and employee inequities. Some challenges include being seen, being heard, and building relationships. The business incentive for hybrid workplaces is clear, so how do we ensure that workflows are inclusive and equitable?

Microlesson Description

This microlesson teaches employees how to develop strong inclusion skills so that regardless of whether people are working in the office or at home, everyone has a comparable experience. Inclusive hybrid workplaces require intention, discipline, and clearly defined processes that ensure that everyone is both heard and supported.

Key Concepts

    • How to watch out for equity and inclusion issues
    • How to conduct an inclusive team meeting that guarantees that both remote and in-office workers are heard
    • How to schedule inclusive team activities, and when to opt for virtual events
    • Actionable tips for an inclusive hybrid workplace
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