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People Conference 2021 : Mental Health

October 19, 2021  |  45 minutes

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Mental health has been top of mind for many organizations amid the dramatic societal and political events taking place. Being in a mostly remote work environment, identifying mental health among your employees may be a challenge. The biggest challenge? Proactively providing long lasting solutions to help manage mental health that will benefit everyone on the team.

In this session, join Carin Knoop, co-author of Compassionate Management of Mental Health in the Modern Workplace and Executive Director of Global Research at Harvard Business School. Championing well-being at work, she co-founded HSIO (Human Sustainability Inside Out), a provider of mental health support materials and educational programs, and is a speaker on mental health and a published author in U.S. French, and Spanish-language press. Carin will join alongside Leann Periera, Senior Director of Organizational Psychology to share their best practices on how to recognize mental health, be proactive, and overcome them as an organization.