2020 Product Updates: What’s New at Emtrain

The latest Emtrain solutions and features – now available.

How many employees really expect to get any value from a compliance training program? For most, it’s a one and done experience and only intended to meet regulations. However, if you turn compliance training into a program that changes behavior while generating diagnostic information about core situational dynamics that you can benchmark, measure, and improve, then you’ve achieved value for your employees and your company.

In this product sheet, we outline the latest solutions and features from Emtrain that are now available and what’s to come this year.

To learn more about Emtrain’s latest product features, download the product sheet, or see it in action by contacting us for a free demo.

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A Modern People Focused Compliance Program


Building an Effective Unconscious Bias Program


Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training Deck