Allyship & Systemic Bias: How to Operationalize Allyship

Allyship & Systemic Bias: How to Operationalize Allyship

Emtrain hosted this live Webinar on Wednesday, August 4th, 2021. Access the webinar now!

Inclusion can be achieved if Allies recognize bias in its different forms as it shows up in our daily interactions and in systems and processes. Underrepresented individuals and communities often don’t experience the same privilege and opportunities as others do in the workplace because the assumptions underlying many decision-making processes aren’t equitable.

As hiring managers and HR leaders, we tend to over-focus on the skills of the individual rather than how they would contribute to the team. In this webinar, we will discuss how to assess candidates from different backgrounds for their ability to make productive contributions as a member of a team.

Leann Kang Periera, EdD, Senior Director of Organizational Psychology and Robert Todd, Chief Innovation Officer, as they discussed:

    • Allyship in the hiring process
    • How allyship is a skill that can be learned
    • Their personal experiences with allyship

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