Drive Behavior Change with Data & Microlearning

Drive Behavior Change with Data & Microlearning

Learning new attitudes and behaviors is critical to transforming workplace culture.

Learn how to enhance your existing employee and leadership skills training! In this webinar, Emtrain’s innovation team Robert Todd (Chief Innovation Officer) and Dr. Leann Pereira (Senior Director, Organizational Psychology) walk through a new research-based skill-building curriculum to build Inclusion and Respect. We’ll go over how to design your training to be efficient, engaging, and useful while capturing and leveraging key data-driven insights.

This webinar is for any leader who is trying to create organizational change.

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to design a microlesson strategy that works.
  2. How to identify the skills your workforce needs to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace culture.
  3. How to build practices that reinforce skill development learning goals.
  4. How to use data to identify which skills need improvement.

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