Diagnose and Eliminate Workplace Harassment

Diagnose and Eliminate Workplace Harassment

Do you know how many of your employees are going to walk out the door next quarter? Or, better yet, exactly which employees they will be? Thanks to AI, this level of certainty is now a reality.

Companies like IBM are using AI-powered analytics to predict which employees will leave in the next six months with 95% accuracy. The “predictive attrition program” has saved IBM nearly $300 million in retention costs, according to IBM CEO Ginni Rometty in a CNBC interview.

In the same way that AI can predict employee turnover, when provided the right data, AI can also predict when and where an organization will experience harassment and bias, allowing employers to address issues before they turn into legal claims and negatively affect productivity and morale. But it takes collecting—and understanding—important culture data points.

We’ve identified patterns that can indicate workplace culture issues in the making, by analyzing manager and employee reactions to questions like these:

  • Do people in your organization get away with disrespectful behavior because of their authority?
  • Which of these four situations cause the greatest level of conflict in your organization?
  • Do most managers understand it is difficult for employees to say no to requests they feel are inappropriate?

In this webinar, led by workplace culture expert Janine Yancey, Founder and CEO, Emtrain, and Robert Todd, Chief Product Officer, Emtrain, we’ll share some of our initial findings when it comes to workplace data that can indicate a culture issue in the making. After this webinar, you will come away with tools to identify and predict your organization’s risk for harassment and bias claims, including:

  • A process to reverse engineer harassment and bias situations down to their core situational elements
  • An understanding of how to generate and track employee data that indicates whether those elements exist in the workforce and to what degree
  • A list of questions you can use in your own organization as a diagnostic to benchmark your risk for harassment and bias issues
  • A list of “prescriptive” activities to remedy your tricky workplace culture issues

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