Diversity In Law, Construction & Insurance

Diversity In Law, Construction & Insurance

It’s not always appropriate or worth the energy to correct every microaggression encountered as a professional; being put on the spot about complex social and cultural issues, sharing more than you would typically about personal experiences, and smiling politely at inappropriate comments is part of the emotional tax of picking your battles as a minority. Some professionals find themselves picking fewer battles than others for the sake of their career, or worse, their safety.

The obligation to perform the role of “model minority” happens for various reasons ranging from an understanding that their actions may shape ignorant coworkers’ feelings toward an entire minority group forever, to the simple fear of giving a secretly bigoted coworker an excuse to treat them poorly. This panel discussed the hidden stressors of succeeding as a minority voice in law, construction, and insurance, as well as shared their advice and perspectives.

This webinar was hosted by Pete Fowler Construction Services, Inc. and Lewis Brisbois. Panelists included:

  • Janine Yancey, Founder & CEO, Emtrain
  • Gwen Gatson-Long, Senior Claims Adjuster, North American Risk Services
  • Heather E. Horn, Attorney, Lewis Brisbois
  • Mikala Glaza, Campaign Coordinator, Pete Fowler Construction Services, Inc.
  • Taylor Geraghty, Project Coordinator, Pete Fowler Construction Services, Inc.

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