Replacing Your Engagement Survey with Emtrain Analytics

Don’t get us wrong, we think engagement surveys are great! But how well do your traditional engagement survey tools measure attrition risk, turnover rates, and employee perception? How is that data collected to help HR and business leaders make more informed decisions and be proactive in culture?

In this webinar, we’ll show you:

  • The Emtrain Attrition Barometer – yes, we can help reduce risk!
  • Science-backed content that is proven to build respectful, healthy workplace culture.
  • How you can build a culture strategy based on actionable data, not just hunches.
  • The way we measure key inclusion and belonging factors and provide analysis based on demographic data – we can segment it too, we’ve got 16 segmentation fields!
  • Our collection method: combining our training and pulse surveys to gather employee sentiment data.

In today’s economic downturn, budgeting and cutting costs are top of mind for companies of all sizes. HR and People Leaders are critical functions to any business. Emtrain Analytics measures, monitors, and strengthens your organization’s productivity and impacts key business outcomes like recruitment, retention, and employee conflict, and has proven to reduce risks and claims.

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