[From Day One] Evolving Human Capital to Social Capital Metrics of Work

[From Day One] Evolving Human Capital to Social Capital Metrics of Work

For decades, organizations have been measuring human-capital metrics such as recruitment, retention, leadership demographics, and more. But have these metrics helped you make a more substantial impact in your organization and a healthy return on investment? It’s time to add the measurement of social dynamics to your people-analytics strategy. For example, we can teach employees the necessary ethical, respectful, and inclusion skills. But employees need continuous practice; these aren’t just “rules” to memorize, as is often seen in compliance training.

In this workshop, Janine Yancey, Founder & CEO of Emtrain and Odessa Jenkins, President of Emtrain outline how to measure social dynamics and discuss the curriculum to develop employees’ skills to meet the future of work. Get the free workshop deck and watch the female-led, female-owned speakers discuss the future of work and how to facilitate healthier workplaces with data-driven strategies.

This workshop was presented at the From Day One conference in Brooklyn on May 23, 2022.

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