How to Give Your Employee a Constructive Evaluation

How to Give Your Employee a Constructive Evaluation

A critical part of every manager or supervisor’s job is to train, coach, and evaluate their employees.

Yet many don’t know how to do this effectively and try to push the responsibility off until a quarterly or annual review.

Employee performance management should happen every day; otherwise, team members are not given the proper attention needed to thrive.

By actively managing your team’s goals and objectives—as well as monitoring employee progress, coaching, and providing necessary feedback—you’re more likely to achieve greater success for your team and have higher levels of employee engagement.

Download this guide to learn how to be a more effective manager and provide the coaching and feedback necessary for employees to grow. Topics explored include:

  • What performance management is and its three main components:
    1. Performance and development planning
    2. Ongoing coaching and feedback
    3. Performance and development review
  • Skills for daily communication and feedback with your employees
  • How to prepare for and conduct quarterly and annual performance meetings
  • How to remove bias from employee review processes through skills like active listening
  • Best practices for documenting employee performance and FAQs on the process, like whether an employee or employee’s lawyer can ever review a manager’s file

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