Actionable Steps to Address the Challenges of Today’s Workplaces

Actionable Steps to Address the Challenges of Today’s Workplaces

The Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffle has made it clear to organizations that they need to evolve to retain their existing employees and attract new talent in an increasingly tight labor market. Companies are pouring money into diversity initiatives and wellness benefits with no clear direction as to how to affect change. Organizations must bridge the gaps between inclusion, belonging, and respect to facilitate healthier workplaces and retain their top talent. Our latest 2022 Research Paper, A Data Driven Approach to Winning the War for Talent (Emtrain and WorkLife Law) proves that inclusion drives respect.

Download this 2-pager to understand the key takeaway of the 2022 Research Paper, why organizations should take a holistic approach to inclusion, respect, and bias and actionable steps on how to create a holistic approach for your organization.

You can find our 2022 Research Paper here to dive deeper into our findings and contact us directly at to learn how we can support your unique training needs and facilitate a healthier workplace.

And to be truly effective you need to measure what matters, you need data to show your current workforce social analytics and where you need to move the needle.

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