Creating An Ethical Business Culture

In this 1-minute video, ethicist and Emtrain expert Sally March, previously Head of Risk for the BBC, talks about the difference in ethics versus compliance and the value of creating an ethical business culture.

These key points are critical to company leaders, many of whom understand the value of investing in creating an ethical business culture, but aren’t sure how to explain it or how to proceed:

  • There’s a benefit to creating and maintaining an ethical culture.
  • Rules tell you what you can’t do (not usually what you should do).
  • Teaching about critical thinking and making ethical decisions can help employees understand what isn’t covered by the rules.
  • Ethics is much broader than compliance. It’s about choosing actions consistent with stated values.
  • Employees need to be able to recognize ethical issues and evaluate the consequences of different courses of action.
  • To support an ethical business culture, consider how you can teach employees to choose the action that’s most consistent with the company’s values?

This video may be used in conjunction with Emtrain courses, including Code of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest and compliance topics such as Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Insider Trading Training, and Preventing Workplace Harassment.

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