How to Show Your Value in a Turbulent World

How to Show Your Value in a Turbulent World

Keep your seatbelt on! You’ve made it through the last year of pandemic and social justice change, and the ride is still bumpy. It’s our job to help our organizations and our teams adapt, and we need strategies to stay ahead as modern leaders. In this session we’ll talk through the future of work, keeping up with the pace of technology, improving social dynamics while managing increasingly diverse teams, and how change brings opportunity for you to showcase your strengths. Join the conversation with: Iliana Quinonez, Solutions Engineering Leader at Salesforce, and Advisor to Latinoforce, Salesforce’s Latinx Employee Resource Group; Tanal Basma, Global Head of People at Launchgood, a global crowdfunding platform supporting Muslims launching good all across the world, and Laraine McKinnon, Advisor, Talent & Culture Strategist, Emtrain.

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This session was part of Emtrain’s virtual People Leader Conference on September 22nd, 2021.

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