How to Identify Areas of Workplace Conflict

How to Identify Areas of Workplace Conflict

The Workplace Social Indicators™ are a set of sixteen metrics that describe the social dynamics present within every organizational culture. These indicators answer the question, “How well do we work together?” When co-workers’ professional relationships are unhealthy, Workplace Social Indicators™ will help you identify and address areas of conflict, stress, and crisis. When relationships are productive, our indicators will help you identify and promote areas of innovation, resilience, inclusion, and diversity. Indicators measure health at both individual and organizational levels. 

Use this guide to see how we define each Workplace Social Indicators™, why it matters, and how it impacts the organization. The Workplace Social Indicators™ is rolled up to three foundational pillars: Respect, Ethics, and Inclusion. Taken together, these three competencies distinguish healthy cultures from unhealthy ones. 

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