Your In-Depth Guide to Starting an ERG

Your In-Depth Guide to Starting an ERG

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are becoming more popular across many organizations and industries. ERGs cultivate a sense of community and belonging within an organization and encourages people from different backgrounds to join in and become an ally to a specific group or community.

If your organization is thinking about starting an ERG, use this guide as the foundation to plan and strategize your group. From goal setting to establishing its mission and values, recruiting team members, and defining key metrics, use this in-depth guide to plan, strategize, and launch your next ERG at your company.

Examples of ERGs include:

  • Single Working Mothers
  • Black Employees 
  • Muslim Employees
  • Single Working Fathers
  • Young Professionals
  • Military Support 
  • and much more!

LoveTrain ERG for LGBTQIA+ Employees & Allies

Your Key to Starting a Successful ERG

Actionable Ways to Build an Inclusive Workplace