LoveTrain ERG for LGBTQIA+ Employees & Allies

LoveTrain ERG for LGBTQIA+ Employees & Allies

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a great way to build inclusion, belonging, and allyship. Any organization can start its own ERG. Emtrain launched its very first internal ERG this year – LoveTrain – focused on supporting LGBTQIA+ employees and building allyship. 

Use this poster for your workplace if your organization is thinking about creating an ERG for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies. Feel free to use parts of it or all of it. This poster is meant to be sent out to your employees as well as printed and posted in your office spaces. 

If you’d like a more generic template, check out the resource here.

Other examples of ERGs include:

  • Single Working Mothers
  • Black Employees 
  • Muslim and Middle Eastern 
  • Single Working Fathers
  • Young Professionals
  • Military Support 
  • and much more!

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