Manager’s Guide to Lawful Terminations

A company and its management must approach employee terminations with care and the appropriate diligence to avoid legal issues or any claims of unfairness. The problem is, with so many potential scenarios for why an employee could be fired, it is difficult for managers to be prepared for every possible situation, or to understand all of the dynamics at play, without the proper training.

In this thorough, 34-page manager’s guide, we explore everything a manager needs to know to lawfully fire an employee, including the steps to take to minimize your potential of needing to resort to termination.

Download the guide today to receive a free checklist on what to do before making a termination decision, as well as an exploration of:

  • Common mistakes made during employee terminations that can lead to lawsuits, conflict, internal claims, and other negative workplace results
  • What at-will employment means, where to include your at-will language, how to navigate good cause standards, and exceptions to at-will terminations
  • Whistleblowers and the appropriate steps to handle and prevent whistleblower claims
  • How to develop and enforce discipline and termination policies, including best practices for performance evaluations
  • Proper procedures for employee misconduct investigations
  • The importance of grievance and complaint procedures to resolve conflicts before they escalate into a lawsuit
  • Post-termination issues, including how to tell coworkers, customers and vendors about an employee’s termination

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