Unbiased Interview Questions Process: A Quick Guide

Unbiased Interview Questions Process: A Quick Guide

The purpose of a job interview is to assess an applicant’s ability to perform the job.

What are Unbiased Interview Questions?

Unbiased interview questions are questions that do not highlight or include factors relating to protected characteristics such as race, age, gender, sexuality, or other characteristics that might trigger a biased hiring decision. It is important that you use unbiased interview questions because they allow you to pick the best candidate for the job, as opposed to a candidate similar to you or a “culture fit.”

Yet, many companies ask inappropriate questions, questions irrelevant to the job, or approach valid topics in unacceptable or even illegal ways.

In this unbiased interview questions guidelines resource, we explore common topics that employers may be inclined to ask about and identify ways you can ensure the questions you ask are both legal and part of an unbiased interview process.

Download the Unbiased Interview Questions process guide to answer these questions and more:

  • Can I ask whether a job applicant frequently calls out sick from their current employer?
  • Is it appropriate to ask a job applicant if they plan on getting pregnant in the near future?
  • Is it appropriate to ask a job applicant what time they need to pick up children?
  • How do I ask a job applicant if they have been arrested or if they use illegal drugs?
  • What can I ask a job applicant about any health conditions?

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