Investigator Bias in Workplace Investigations

Don’t let investigator bias get in the way of your workplace investigations!

Unconscious bias has become a hot-button issue in workplace interactions. Most seriously, inadvertent investigator bias that finds its way into workplace investigations can result in outcomes that are unfair and indefensible, leaving employees disenfranchised and at risk. Worse case scenarios could include employee attrition, litigation or brand damage.

To help investigators become more aware of their own unconscious bias risk (and show how do biases show up in employee investigation(s), Emtrain has created a reference-able checklist that helps professionals recognize —and reject—unconscious investigator bias pitfalls. The checklist includes:

  • Ways in which to test your thinking when presented with different complaint scenarios
  • Why it’s important to develop a methodology for receiving and understanding complaints
  • Why it’s important to have a standard approach to interviews
  • What to think about when creating an investigation strategy
  • How to develop a system that is reliable, accurate and consistent
  • And many more recommendations

This checklist will help keep unconscious biases in check to support successful workplace investigations.

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