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Revolutionary eLearning and analytics that goes beyond compliance to create healthier workplaces

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What We Offer


Go beyond check the compliance box with interactive elearning scenarios, modular training programs, and high-quality workplace videos.


Support all your culture initiatives and maintain an ongoing dialogue in your workplace with short video-based lessons on specific topics that range from societal changes to DEI and HR.


Make decisions based on data, not just hunches. Measure the social dynamics of your workplace and strengthen your culture with actionable insights based on Workplace Social Indicators™

Our Comprehensive Solution

Emtrain provides revolutionary eLearning and analytics that measure the impact of social dynamics in the workplace. Our solutions go beyond compliance to develop inclusion, ethics, and respect as professional competencies.

We deliver on what we promise


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Interactive & Entertaining but Informative

Emtrain provides a much more interactive, entertaining but informative means of training employees. I'm thrilled that it meets all our compliance training requirements and is easy to administer. When your employees actually talk about the training videos, you know you have a winner.

- Sandra Creyaufmiller

Emtrain resources are great

I love Emtrain resources - especially those that support diversity & inclusion efforts. Great to convince business leaders of the value to organizations of various initiatives promoting wellbeing and empathy in the workplace

- International HR Advisor

Emtrain has changed the game

Wow, Emtrain has changed the game when it comes to truly training "muscle memory" for speaking up and stepping in to take on the thorniest workplace issues (even when your workplace is remote). Better yet, their content and context is timely, relevant and thought-provoking.

- Didi D'Errico

Thank you for what you do

There are times one runs across companies that excel at what they do. HR is always looking for stellar information that is clear and easy to understand and also trustworthy. EMTRAIN fits that to a 'T'.
Thank you for what you do in an understatement.

- Trudy Schapansky

Our Framework




Train your employees with relevant, engaging Emtrain content. Simultaneously capture perception data across all three Drivers: Ethics, Respect, Inclusion.

The Emtrain platform takes sentiment data and creates a scorecard that benchmarks the health of your workplace culture.

With Emtrain data, you can report on key culture indicators in a diagnostic framework and

  • Reduce risk and claims
  • Improve employee retention, productivity, and diversity
  • Improve corporate brand goodwill

Powered by DEI Experts, Organizational and Social Psychologists, Researchers, and In-House Employment Lawyers

Emtrain’s community of experts includes partners in global law firms, professors, former government regulators, and other respected workplace professionals and subject matter experts. Our experts help write and create our courses, provide expert advice to employees using Expert Answers in the Emtrain platform, and showcase thought leadership and expertise in their space.

Informed by Compelling Data



of employees believe they can be their authentic selves at work.


of employees see inappropriate behaviors go unchecked.



of employees say their colleagues handle personal information with appropriate care.

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