‘Tis the Season for Workplace Drama…But It Doesn’t Have to Be!

December brings with it a big challenge for company leaders: how to balance spreading holiday cheer with minimizing the corporate risk that can be associated with the company holiday party. We’ve all read the stories in the press about wild and crazy corporate holiday parties and the months of negative ramifications.

Some companies sidestep potential issues by simply not planning any sort of company holiday celebration. But, more often than not, leaders choose to send out a reminder about the company code of conduct a day or two ahead of the party. While this may give you something to point at if a legal claim arises, do you really think your employees are going to take the time to re-read your code of conduct policy before heading out to your event? Really?

Here at Emtrain, we take a different approach. We teach people how to make good choices. We’ve been working on a series of holiday party videos that we’ll be sharing over the next week to give company leaders a fun and digestible way to remind their colleagues to be mindful in their workplace holiday celebrations.

Don’t Let This Holiday Party Scenario Happen to You!

Here’s what I shared with the team, in our all-company Slack channel:

Dear Emtrainers,

The holiday season is in full swing. And we’re incredibly excited to gather everyone together for a day of fun and croquet, food, and wine on Thursday!

However, as we all know, it’s all too easy for a company’s holiday party to go from fun for everyone, into orange or even red territory.

With this in mind, we are sharing a series of holiday party videos, starting with this one:

While many of us have certainly attended company parties that look like the one we profiled in the video, with our mission of improving workplace cultures, we know we can count on you to balance your good time with conscious conduct.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to model green behavior in the holiday season that reinforces our commitment to our healthy workplace culture!

P.S. Feel free to share this video with your clients and prospects as a fun way to remind their employees of what not to do at their upcoming holiday parties—and that we are here to help if things dip into the red.

Best regards,


Spread the Word

You’re welcome to share the video and even borrow my words to encourage your employees to come together and celebrate while keeping your company’s values in mind.

And if the video is a little too close to home for some of you, get in touch. We’ve worked with many companies to help create a more positive workplace that understands the line between holiday cheer and behavior that makes co-workers feel uncomfortable.

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