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Emtrain CEO to Speak at Techstars FounderCon: How to Cultivate an Employee-Focused Culture that Wins

November 7, 2017  |  Janine Yancey

This week, Techstars will be hosting its 7th annual FounderCon, an event in which hundreds of Techstars Founders come together to collaborate and share their expertise on start-up culture. From Tuesday, October 24th, through Thursday the 26th, Techstars will host this conference in Oakland, CA.

As a crucial voice on workplace culture, Emtrain Founder and CEO Janine Yancey will be presenting ‘How to Cultivate an Employee-Focused Culture that Wins’ on Wednesday the 25th.

She will address the role social media is having on changing enterprise compliance risk and the need for technology to manage that risk. In addition, she will cover the ever-increasing importance of culture, what it means and how cultivating a winning culture leads to increased enterprise value.

Janine is at the forefront of thought leadership on sexual harassment, unconscious bias, discrimination and ethics issues in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Emtrain is passionate about helping companies create a healthy workplace and we believe the best way to do this is to help companies create and foster a great culture. We do this by developing content, powered by technology, to help build a healthy culture from start to finish.


Janine Yancey

Janine is a passionate advocate for healthy workplace culture. As a former employment lawyer, Janine founded Emtrain to bring a blend of educational content, technology, behavioral science, and data analytics to stop harassment, bias and ethics violations and improve workplace behavior. Janine served as an expert witness in 2018 to the California Senate and helped draft California's newest harassment training law (effective January 2019). Janine is frequently interviewed on workplace culture topics and has been quoted in The Washington Post, Fast Company, Fortune's The Broadsheet, USA Today, Bloomberg Business, TechCrunch, and Startup Grind.

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