Be a Game Changer! Use Data and Insights to Drive Positive Change in your Organization

Every group, team, community, and organization has a culture – the written and (mostly) unwritten rules and norms that govern the way people interact, communicate and resolve conflict. Culture is a powerful force and is often a determining factor of a company’s success by improving employee retention rate, productivity, and employees’ feelings of acceptance. Culture can be impacted by individuals who have a vision for how things can work better for everyone. We call those people game-changers.

You don’t have to have official power or authority to be a game-changer. You’ve likely worked with people who have an infectiously positive outlook or commitment to quality that rubs off on everyone around them. That’s one example of how culture is created. But bigger changes in culture can be harder, and even small changes can take a team approach, with multiple game-changers and their allies working together towards a shared vision.

Build an Inclusive Employee Experience

One of the tough things about getting people to work together is getting them to agree on what change looks like and what it will take. The business maxim “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” comes to mind. Not knowing where your company stands on various fronts including inclusion, respect, diversity, etc. then it’s difficult to know where to begin and what areas actually need change.

That’s what Emtrain Analytics is here for. It gives game-changers and aspiring game-changers the tools to define what a good culture looks like, to measure how you’re doing today, and to create a vision of where you want to go. It provides a starting point for organizations that aren’t sure how to measure their work culture. 

Our measurement of a healthy work culture is based on 16 behavioral indicators – prosocial behaviors that create healthy, respectful and inclusive organizations. This research-based framework measures each indicator within an organization to see what areas need improvement and where organizations are doing well. Our skill-building curriculum provides companies with microlessons and courses that help build the skills that need improvement.

You’re welcome to adopt the whole framework as your own, or to pick and choose the indicators and skill-building content that support your vision for a healthy, prosocial workplace. Either way, there are powerful insights for game-changers available here, as well as helpful advice and techniques you’ll find in the other game-changer articles.

For more information on how Emtrain can help nurture your culture, contact us.

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