New Pro-Social Work Skills Framework

Create Respect, Inclusion, Belonging, and Ethics in the Workplace

Emtrain is excited to announce a new skill-building framework to aid organizations in managing workplace culture and increasing employee productivity. With its new framework, built around 16 researched and psychometrically validated skills, Emtrain can measure and cultivate pro-social behavior within any organization.

What Is Pro-Social Behavior?

Put simply, pro-social behavior is any activity an individual takes to positively contribute to their community. Pro-social behaviors like respect, inclusion, belonging, and ethics uplift others and encourage teamwork. These behaviors foster social capital — the value created by positive social connections within a workplace

While, in the past, organizations have sought to improve employee productivity through job training, too little attention has been paid to pro-social behavior and social capital. Companies may discourage anti-social behavior with codes of conduct, but what about the flipside? How can organizations actively cultivate pro-social skills which increase social capital and productivity?

Enter the Emtrain solution: an all-in-one package for predictive analytics and workplace skill building.

The Emtrain Solution

The Emtrain skill-building framework divides pro-social behavior into four workplace social indicators, each with their own subcategories of skills.

With this framework, Emtrain treats pro-social behaviors as abilities that can be measured and improved. Emtrain analytics tally up these workplace social indicators, and compare those scores to cross-industry benchmarks drawn from data on over 2 million employees. Clients can segment their scores based on gender, age, race, and other demographics to get an in-depth view of social dynamics in their workplace. Ultimately, what Emtrain gives its clients is a real-time model of their workplace’s culture: where their strengths are and where their vulnerabilities lie.

From there, Emtrain empowers users to target vulnerabilities through custom-made microlessons designed to teach skills within the framework. Depending on an organization’s specific areas of growth, employees might learn about fostering diversity, managing power dynamics or creating trust among colleagues. Learning these pro-social skills increases productivity by fostering a sense of shared community within an organization as well as lowering attrition and toxic behavior. All the while, as employees learn through the framework, Emtrain’s analytics tracks the organization’s growth over time, ensuring companies always know what’s going on in their workplace.

To learn more about the Emtrain Solution, contact us for a free demo.

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