Keeping Your Team Productive

Do you work with someone who takes 10 minute breaks every 30 minutes, makes dozens of personal calls during their day, or surfs the web during working hours?

It’s not uncommon for an organization to acquire an employee who seems as if they are just going through the motions of their everyday tasks and show little interest in idea sharing and developing ways to enhance the productivity of your business.

In some instances, they may not appear to be employees who are consistently causing problems in the workplace, but they do tend to drag teams down over time. These kinds of employees can be hard to spot at first because they have gotten so good at blending in. Often they will do the bare minimum only to stay off the radar of their manager.

So, the question is: how do you keep your employees productive and continuously contributing to the overall health and growth of the organization?

In a recent article by, they state that the most difficult part to maintaining your employees’ productivity is being consistent in your mission for the company. If one employee feels like they are not as valuable as the next, that leaves them with a window to slack off and not show dedication to their position.

An organization can be described to an employee as a well-oiled machine. When the team is hitting its goals, that is because every employee is focused and working together for success. When your team is falling short, there may be a part that isn’t working properly that needs attention.

One way you can make sure your employees are clear on their expectations is making sure it is overly stated in their onboarding process. When you hold a high standard of work ethic from the start, the expectations are clear and you can help maintain the swift operation of your organization. Placing importance on your employee training can help strengthen your weak link employees, and keep your success on track.

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Alicia Busse

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