Bias Against Asians

Responding to a Rise in Asian Hate and Prejudice

In the past year, the entire country has seen a dramatic spike in racist rhetoric towards Asian Americans. Anti-Asian hate increased by 150% nationwide, with areas like New York City and Los Angeles seeing even greater numbers. Unfortunately this is not new,  times of fear and anxiety can bring out the worst in people and our Asian community has been the victim of that fear and hate several times in U.S. history.

Microlesson Description

It's important that employers be cognizant of the difficulties their Asian employees face right now, and equally important that employees go from bystander to upstander and act as allies for their Asian co-workers. This microlesson provides video examples of the difficulties Asian people are facing both in and out of the workplace right now, and uses employee sentiment surveys to gauge the severity of these biases at your organization.

Key Concepts

    • Since the start of the pandemic, there have been more than 3,000 hate crimes against Asians.
    • Your Asian co-workers are likely feeling vulnerable in the face of this bias.
    • Be an upstander and ally for your co-workers and stop any bias or disrespectful conduct directed towards them.
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