Supporting Neurodiverse Workplaces

Creating equal opportunities for everyone to thrive

Between 30% to 40% of the population is thought to be neurodivergent, and managers need guidance on how best to support neurodiverse employees to be successful. We’re all different - background, culture, experience, and more. Our brains are also wired differently, depending on person to person. Understanding and celebrating those differences is essential to supporting neurodiverse individuals throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Microlesson Description

This microlesson aims to educate learners and managers on focusing on a person’s strengths and individual skillset to build their professional growth. We also dive into the do’s and don’t of supporting a neurodiverse workplace to ultimately foster an environment where everyone can thrive and have equal opportunities.

Key Concepts

    • A breakdown of neurodiverse terminology and definitions
    • How to recognize different strengths and build on those strengths for success
    • Valuing and understanding differences with empathy and respect
    • Ways to provide reasonable accommodation and build trust and open feedback 
    • Empower managers and teams with skills to work with neurodiverse individual
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