Unconscious Bias Refresher

Go Beyond Checking the Box

Cultivating a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace is not a one-and-done exercise. Instead, it requires continuous education with regular check-ins and constant touch points. Emtrain's Unconscious Bias Training Course is a great first step on the path to building a more demographically aware and empathetic workplace, but culture leaders must continue that education.

Microlesson Description

The Unconscious Bias Refresher microlesson is intended to follow our full length Unconscious Bias Training Course. The lesson includes information around blindspots, recruitment practices and performance management, along with 4 video scenarios and multiple employee sentiment survey questions. Our brains are hardwired to function with inherent bias, so don't let it damage your workplace culture.

Key Concepts

    • How our brains are hardwired to pattern match to quickly make decisions.
    • Ways we can pause and use respectful curiosity to avoid relying on stereotypes.
    • Using a consistent process, with clear criteria, and applying it to all people decisions, counter-balances pattern matching.
    • Adopting these habits diminishes the negative impact of unconscious bias.
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