CalOsha’s Model Written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

California Senate Bill 553 (CA SB 553) mandates that all employers covered under California Labor Code 6401.7 and 6401.9 establish, implement, and maintain a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) by July 1, 2024. To assist businesses in meeting these requirements, Cal/OSHA has provided a Model Written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan for General Industry (Non-Healthcare Settings).

What Does the Model Plan Include?

  • A comprehensive framework for developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • Essential elements such as risk assessment, preventive measures, reporting procedures, and more
  • How to effectively identify, evaluate, and address workplace violence hazards in their organization

Note: It’s important to remember that while this model plan serves as a valuable resource, its use does not guarantee compliance with CA SB 553. We encourage you to review the complete text of CA SB 553 and consult with legal counsel or regulatory experts to ensure your workplace violence prevention efforts meet all necessary standards.

As an added measure, be sure to review Emtrain’s Workplace Violence Prevention Training Course.

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