Using KPIs to Reduce Claims And Demonstrate Your Value

In this webinar, Emtrain Founder/CEO Janine Yancey will show you how to identify and measure the KPIs of employee conflict and proactively manage and reduce corporate risk. Janine brings decades of experience as General Counsel and is a SunLaw member.

Janine will share a risk and claims reduction ROI calculator that has helped many in-house counsels demonstrate their value and supports their request for outside resources, particularly in the area of ethics and compliance training.

In this webinar you’ll gain tools to:

  • Measure, predict, and reduce claims
  • Demonstrate your ROI to the organization
  • Build the case for more resources for the legal team

This webinar is exclusive to SunLaw members and is sponsored by SunLaw, a dynamic community that supports, educates, advances, connects, and inspires women in-house counsel to maximize their fullest personal and professional potential and lead.

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