Dive Into the Depths of Your Organization

Having a diverse team is a necessity to the success of your workplace culture. Developing your awareness and understanding of different cultures, backgrounds, and personality types is crucial when picking the right people to represent your team.

In this infographic from gothamCulture, the idea of an “iceberg of culture” is introduced to distinctly represent the struggles that lie below the water line of every organization and the reasons why they are not always easy to identify at first glance.

The tip of the iceberg are things happening in the company that are visible to C suite, things like employees who are disengaged and high turnover.

Just below the surface are things that are less visible, these include workplace frustrations and stagnant innovation.

And at the very bottom of the iceberg there are hidden issues that are often times invisible to the eye, like culture and strategy misalignment and employees who are resistant to change.

At each of these stages, there are problems that need to be addressed, and it is up to the leaders of your organization to identify if there is a need for change and provide guidance moving forward.

Emtrain’s Diversity in the Workplace course provides tips and practical examples of how individual employees can promote and support inclusion and identify key commonalities with co-workers to maintain a strong workplace culture.

Alicia Busse

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