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There’s a new platform for tech companies to manage unconscious bias. by Megan Rose Dickey on Sept 29,2016


Bloomberg BNA

Reducing Unconscious Bias Requires Collaboration. Oct 07, 2016


Emtrain Debuts New Suite of Modern Workplace Education Tools in PWH Program

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Emtrain and Paradigm Collaborate to Launch Managing Unconscious Bias Program

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Next to Love, Nothing Consumes People like Workplace Issues

Acording to Janine Yancey, President and CEO of Emtrain, next to romantic problems nothing consumes people more than workplace issues.


What VCs need to learn from the Ellen Pao trial

All in all, Kleiner Perkins got off easy with respect to Ellen Pao’s lawsuit against them for gender bias and retaliation


Ellen Pao avoids public airing of family finances

The judge in Ellen Pao's $16 million gender discrimination lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins has ruled that her financial situation isn't relevant to the case and that bringing it into court would "create an unseemly sideshow.


For Kleiner Perkins, a win in court but the damage is done

Ellen Pao's resounding loss on her sexual-discrimination claims against former employer Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers is another blow to women in tech, the tech industry and venture capital in particular.


He Said Vs. She Said: Jury Deliberate Pao, KPCB Trial

Emtrain President Janine Yancey and Frumkin & Hunter Partrner Bill Frumkin discuss the sexual discrimination case brought by former Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers junior partner Ellen Pao. Yancey and Frumkin speak on “Bloomberg West.”


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