Code of Conduct

NEW Code of Conduct and Employee Empowerment Online Training Course

Your Code of Conduct is more than a set of rules - it’s a statement and a concrete commitment to a set of business conduct standards. Emtrain's new training course helps employees understand what your Mission, Values, and Code of Conduct are - and the important role they play in defining who you are as an organization. A strong Code of Conduct serves as a foundation for a healthy company culture and provides employees with a uniform understanding of your organization's operational do's and don'ts.This new and streamlined program provokes learners to think about your Mission, Values and Code and the role they play in their work lives. It empowers employees by showing them how they can help build–break–the workplace culture everyone wants. This course is equipped with a host of customization and content options; it also includes our proprietary Ask the Expert feature—which lets learners ask questions of experts—yours or ours—as they learn about topics and while their questions are fresh in their minds.

Course Description
Code of Conduct was designed with legal and organizational experts to demystify your Code—transforming it from a set of aspirational statements into a tool that your employees can use to make good and ethical business decisions. This course emphasizes fostering a healthy workplace culture by introducing employees to our four foundational culture skills that will help them navigate the workplace and live up to company expectations. Your employees will walk away from this course with the skills needed to build trust at work, make clear decisions, understand the meaning of accountability, and value positive cultural norms. We introduce your Mission and Values to give employees a framework to analyze business situations and to make ethical decisions. We also give you the ability to control the content presented by selecting which 2-minute Info Blocks are included in the course from our content library. Info Blocks offer concise, targeted guidance for learners—giving you control over course length and the ability to tailor the course content to address the topics that matter most. We offer a host of customization options to make it clear that this course is about your organization—and your employees.

Course Snapshot

Course length: Variable - recommended 30-40 minutes

Audience: Managers and employees

Key Concepts

  • The value and role of your Mission and Values
  • What is a Code of Conduct?
  • Four foundational workplace culture skills
  • How to think critically and make better decisions
  • The importance and role of reporting
  • 2-minute treatments of the Code topics you select

Course Features

  • Option to customize with your own video introduction from your CEO or another leader. Custom text introductions are also supported
  • Customizable with your organization’s logo
  • Delivers a printable version of your Code to learners and requires acknowledgement to register course completion
  • Modular design allows clients to choose which Code topics are highlighted and addressed in concise, targeted info blocks from our content library
  • Available info blocks include: bribery and corruption, competition laws, conflicts of interest, cybersecurity, gifts and giving, insider trading, political activities, privacy, respect, safeguarding assets, social media, and more…
  • Three customizable pages for information on how and when to report at your organization
  • Custom pages introduce your Mission and Values and organization reporting resources
  • Course meets training requirements as outlined by Sarbanes-Oxley, Federal Sentencing
  • Available in English with translations 

Program Experts

Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD, CCEP, CCEP-I, PCC has been recognized by Forbes as “one of the top coaches for legal and compliance executives.” Clients include Adobe, Gap, Chegg, Lyft, Bank of the West, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Amii brings over 20 years of executive experience from McKesson, Allianz, and the California Dental Association, serving in multiple executive roles including Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer. Amii is an expert on leadership effectiveness, workplace culture, and board governance; she publishes and speaks on these topics nationally at industry conferences and in her monthly Ask Amii column in Compliance Week.

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