Drama-Free Workplace

Just Say No to Workplace Drama

Savvy organizations know that maintaining a healthy workplace culture attracts top talent, drives productivity, and increases the bottom line. However, few companies know how to improve their culture and keep it thriving. The Drama-Free Workplace is a hands-on guide filled with proven strategies and guidance for creating and sustaining a cohesive, collaborative workplace culture that enables widespread innovation, increased productivity, and higher revenue.

In today’s post #MeToo world, smart business leaders realize they have to do more than just check the box with their sexual harassment and unconscious bias training programs. Instead, they need to have a laser-focus on a company culture that supports diversity and inclusion—and doesn’t feed into morale-sapping drama.

In The Drama-Free Workplace, Emtrain’s former VP of Workplace Strategy Patti Perez, shares her and the company’s expertise to help business leaders understand causes, effects, and solutions to common workplace problems related to:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Bias and diversity
  • Ethics lapses

The book will help you gain insight into how to anticipate—and diffuse—situations that give rise to drama. You’ll learn how to hone your emotional intelligence to communicate more precisely and persuasively about sensitive, controversial topics in the workplace. The book also provides a number of DIY policies, templates, and frameworks you can use to start creating a more healthy and drama-free workplace today.

What People Are Saying About The Drama-Free Workplace

“The Drama-Free Workplace is a much-needed solution to the people challenges that keep executives up at night. Whether you define drama as ethics lapses, harassment, unconscious bias, resistance to change, or lack of accountability, Patti Perez tackles these issues and more head-on. Better yet, her roadmap solutions for creating and maintaining a drama-free culture are practical and relevant, no matter what industry, company size, or geography you find yourself in. Make this mandatory reading for your leadership team and in your MBA classes!”
—Paul Falcone, HR executive and bestselling author, 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees and 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems

“This book could not have come at a better time. HR professionals have continually struggled with the critical question posed in this book ‘can we really eliminate drama at work?’ The emergence of the #MeToo movement has elevated the need for real-life practical solutions that can be adopted in the workplace. Patti offers many business-savvy solutions throughout the book that are grounded in legal knowledge and experience. Her ability to eliminate legalese and pose solutions in easy-to-understand English that go beyond compliance will serve as a valuable reference guide for HR practitioners, and ultimately contribute to making the workplace healthier, more productive and more profitable.”
—Debora Burke, VP Human Resources, General Dynamics NASSCO

“This real-world guidebook belongs on the shelves of enlightened supervisors, managers and business leaders everywhere.”
—Donna M. Dell, Former Labor Commissioner for the State of California

Helpful Checklists from the Book

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