Unconscious Bias Training

Managing Unconscious Bias Online Training Course

Have you ever let a gut feeling persuade you? Of course, you have. Many of our decisions are made quickly because it “feels” right. Emotional impulse controls rather than deliberate, logical analysis. Our emotions are shortcuts that allow us to sort through reams of implicitly stored brain patterns that guide us either toward or away from a course of action. We don’t have the capacity to calculate all probabilities that come with every choice, and so we rely on our gut feelings to guide us.  And our gut feelings are unconscious bias that creates more opportunity for some and less for others—which directly impacts diversity and inclusion. Our program includes an online course; best practices for learners; a feature that solicits employee commitments; Q&A and data showing trending concerns and areas of opportunity; ongoing micro video lessons and a strategic inclusion strategy session with our talent and inclusion strategist. 

Course Description
Bias (conscious or unconscious) is a “people issue”—meaning it’s decent people who don’t see how their mental images, quick assumptions, and resulting decisions affect the opportunities and experiences of co-workers. Emtrain’s unconscious bias program leverages the most recent behavioral research to illustrate the power and impact of implicit associations, microaggressions, and privilege on the employee experience, which also affects workplace culture. We’ve designed our program to trigger behavior change, not just raise awareness. We change behavior by having learners develop and practice new people skills and use a process to make stronger people decisions. To get people thinking about their own actions, we show emotionally provocative video scenes and trigger engagement by showing how other people react to those scenes. We anonymously share other learners’ questions and perspectives on various bias concepts. By seeing the opinions, perspectives, and experiences of the global learner community, learners are able to safely compare their experiences and perspectives against others to see if their views are mainstream (or not) and that adds to the learning experience. We then provide tools and practices to reduce unconscious bias and create a more inclusive workplace culture.

Course Snapshot

Course length: 30 minutes

Audience: Managers and employee program versions

Key Concepts

  • Stronger “People Decision” Skills – introductory concept of explaining how unconscious bias affects our decision-making.
  • Overview of Unconscious Bias – What is unconscious bias?  How does it work?
  • The Negatives of Pattern Matching – covers assumptions, mistaken identity, microaggressions, privilege.
  • Microaggressions
  • Strategies to Minimize Bias – Recommends awareness, empathy, respect and specific processes to manage bias.
  • Who does more tasks? – Addresses who does all the “chores” and resulting perceptions.  Recommends a process.
  • Who gets heard in meetings? – Addresses interruptions and who gets heard.  Recommends a process.
  • Who gets recruited? – Addresses who gets the opportunity to interview and “confirmation” and “similar to me” biases.  Recommends a process.
  • Who gets ahead? – Addresses the privilege for some and the extra scrutiny for others in performance development.  Recommends a process.
  • Brainstorming – Learners share their perspectives and have the option of sharing stories to allow their co-workers to emotionally connect to how these issues affect people.

Course Features

  • Mobile first design – intended for learners to take on their phones
  • Configurable lessons – mix/match lessons to create your own tailored program
  • Branded – apply your brand, color and logo to the program
  • Community Polling Questions dynamically share data on other learners perspectives
  • Gives learners direct access to Emtrain unconscious bias subject matter experts for best practices
  • Shares anonymized, curated questions submitted by learners and answered by Emtrain experts
  • Available in English. Other languages are available upon request.

Program Experts

Nancy Douyon is a global design ethicist and product philosopher. She is a trailblazer in human experience design with over 15 years of industry experience building scalable user research platforms and revitalizing user interfaces at leading companies such as Uber, Google, IBM, Cisco, and Intel. Throughout her career, Nancy has gained a reputation for delivering big results in a culturally honest and purposeful way with hundreds of products deployed in over 80 countries worldwide. She consults globally on remote user research methods and development in engineering markers. Her past research examined design frameworks around the promotion, development, and implementation of global policies around user experiences in tech.

Nancy is currently developing the Douyon Signature Labs, Silicon Valley’s first social enterprise research institute focused on bridging the gap between human potential and tech ecosystems. She is proudly Haitian, has traveled to over 70 countries, and speaks fluent sarcasm. In her spare time, she lectures on user experience methodologies, dances in Carnivals all over the world, and lives her best life as written in her forthcoming book.

Emtrain founder and CEO Janine Yancey is a passionate advocate for healthy workplace cultures. Janine’s unique approach blends technology, behavioral science, data analytics, and social media inspired interactions to help inform and improve workplace behavior. Janine presides over a team of experts and an extensive library of content including courses, video, resource guides, checklists and analytic reports that define the modern workplace.

Janine is a proponent of neutral, third-party guidance and problem-solving. By orchestrating a publicly-accessible community interface for employee questions and concerns, Janine stays at the forefront of real world, real-time harassment, bias, discrimination, and ethics issues.

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