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NEW Conflicts of Interest Training Course

Every day we make countless decisions just doing our work. Some decisions are routine and some turn out to be pretty important. But one thing is for certain that our employers and coworkers trust that we are making decisions in our organizations best interest. Conflicts of interest can affect how you make decisions, how others view those decisions, and your values as an organization.

Emtrain is thrilled to announce our new Conflicts of Interest training course which introduces learners how to successfully identify these types of situations and how their decision-making can influence your organization's reputation.

Our Conflicts of Interest course was designed in conjunction with course experts, Sally March - an ethics and compliance expert and regular columnist for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. As well as, Chris MacDonald - President of the non-profit Journal Review Foundation.

This new course focuses on giving learners practical guidance - particularly to those who may assume that a conflict of interest automatically means they have done something wrong. It teaches what conflicts of interest are, the problems created by conflicts of interest, and the best way to anticipate and avoid conflicts of interest - or the appearance of them. We use live action video workplace scenes to illustrate how these issues can be raised and often easily resolved.

Get a free trial of our Conflicts of Interest training course today and train your organization the right way.

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