Instant Messaging in the Workplace

Mishaps with Team Chat Apps

Daily workplace communications are the building blocks of working relationships that we rely on to cultivate teamwork, collaborate, and build company culture. When we are in person, tone of voice and body language comes across crystal clear. The rapid-fire messages we send out on our workplace instant messaging software can leave a lot of room for interpretation.

Micro Lesson Description
This micro lesson educates your workforce to harness the power of the instant messaging apps and use them as both a tool for productivity and a space to be human and build culture. We provide guidance on the importance of empathy and intentionality when using messaging apps, and tips for reducing unnecessary friction created by differing communication styles.

Key Concepts

  • Understand the importance of having empathy and being intentional when using messaging apps
  • Learn how different communication styles can create unnecessary friction when using messaging apps
  • Reduce friction and use workplace messenger apps more effectively
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