AB 1825 (FEHA Update) Toolkit

FEHA Regulations (Full Text)

Don't forget to click here to see the full details of the amended FEHA regulations.


Q&A Requirements

Drafted by emtrain's legal experts, this quick guide explains the new Q&A requirements, what you need from any eLearning trainer regarding Q&A and the guide shows how Emtrain helps you comply.


FREE Policy Template

Drafted by Emtrain's legal experts, this Word template provides you with everything you need to personalize your own organization's policy to meet the new FEHA regulation requirements.


Policy Acknowledgment Tool

Click to learn how Emtrain's Policy Acknowledgement Tool makes compliance with the new AB 1825 regulations a total breeze.


Information Sheet

This harassment information sheet includes all the suggested information from California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing and can be used in lieu of Government Form 185 to distribute to the entire workforce to comply with the new California FEHA regulations.


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