Why a Culture of Diversity, Tolerance, and Respect Matters: a conversation with Techstars

w/ Techstars Co-Founder and Co-CEO, David Cohen

Webinar Overview

Join us for a discussion with Techstars Co-Founder & Co-CEO David Cohen and Emtrain Founder & CEO Janine Yancey on why diversity will be a key competitive advantage for organizations in 2017 and why they must look inward to produce the necessary change.

Evidence demonstrates that organizations with diverse positive cultures perform better. As technology shrinks our world, nearly all businesses compete within a global marketplace wherein women and minorities wield growing economic power.

This demands the nurturing of diverse teams and perspectives that can build the products and services required to meet the far ranging needs of these new, modern customers.

We'll discuss how diversity, HR, and business leaders can excel in this current economic and political environment by embracing diversity, tolerance, and respect as the new business norm, independent of government regulations.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The competitive business case for diversity, tolerance, and respect
  • Leveraging economic power and influence to drive social change
  • Best practices for creating change from within

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Meet David Cohen

Emtrain Webinar Guest

David Cohen is the Co-founder & Co-CEO of Techstars. Previously founder of several technology companies. David is an active startup advocate, advisor, board member, and technology advisor.

Webinar Details

This webinar will teach you why building a culture of diversity, tolerance, and respect matters. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from David Cohen and Janine Yancey.


This webinar has been certified for 1 hour of continuing education from the HRCI.