Cisco + Emtrain: Empower Everyone to Build a Conscious Workplace Culture

Powerful e-learning tools to build a respectful and inclusive workplace culture in the new hybrid world.

“Cisco recognizes that the entire nature of how and where we work has changed, and that means we need new approaches to developing a conscious workplace culture.”

“Francine Katsoudas, Cisco’s Chief HR Officer, had the foresight to see how Emtrain’s powerful eLearning solution combined with Webex’s innovative hybrid work solutions creates a unique opportunity to develop inclusive skills right in the flow of work where workers are already engaged.” – Janine Yancey, Founder & CEO, Emtrain

The way we work and communicate at work has dramatically changed in the last two years. It took all of us time to adjust, but we all figured out a way that works for us, our teams, and the future of work.

It’s the same for corporate training. While some trainings on workplace harassment and unconscious bias were conducted via mundane training videos or in-person in very large settings, they didn’t leave a lasting impression. Corporate trainers face challenges in bringing their in-person training and connection with trainees and employees in the remote world. Meanwhile, people leaders face the challenge of engaging employees in the organization and changing behavior.  

Emtrain has mastered how we train in a remote environment with our solution to asynchronous training in the most impactful way possible. The Emtrain platform is designed for every employee to make sure they all have access to a great, inclusive experience.

  • Every device: A consumer-grade user experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Every language: Well, almost 27 and growing.
  • Everybody: We conform to WCAG guidelines.
  • Everywhere: At their desk, on the go, on the (factory, sales)
Cisco + Emtrain: Empower Everyone to Build a Conscious Workplace Culture | Engage your training with impactful real-life workplace video scenarios with the Emtrain Webex app and create an inclusive workplace culture

A preview of the Emtrain App in a Webex meeting space.

Now, the future of corporate learning and training is easily accessible to all. Emtrain and Webex by Cisco partner to empower everyone to build conscious workplace culture in the new hybrid world. With Emtrain and Webex, you can:

  • Engage employees with real storytelling to create a more significant ongoing impact.
  • Instantly launch ready-to-go video playlists that fit your training needs.
  • Launch in training sessions – company-wide, by department, by team, or as part of your corporate training curriculum.
  • Train on a specific issue or topic, and build awareness and empathy on a team level.
  • Get a deeper understanding of employee perceptions, and start a conversation outside of day-to-day work chat. 

Webex + Emtrain Powering the Future of Corporate Training

Together, our mission is to empower everyone to build a conscious workplace culture in the new hybrid world. With the Emtrain + Webex partnership, you have the power to engage and train your employees with impactful, timely, and relevant videos on real-life workplace scenarios. Leave the heavy lifting to us and launch ready-to-go video playlists with educational resources that address issues around: 

Train employees on inclusive behaviors to build respect and belonging in your workplace. With Emtrain + Webex, you have instant access to tools to increase self and social awareness.

How the Emtrain <> Webex integration works

Visit Emtrain’s Help and Support center for more technical details and easy step-by-step instructions. Learn how you can create more inclusive workplaces by engaging with employees on real life scenarios. To explore Emtrain’s full eLearning and analytics experience, contact us at and check out our Pricing plans

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Hassina Obaidy
Product Marketing Manager | Emtrain

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