Emtrain Expert Program

Patti Perez

Workplace Harassment Expert

Ms. Perez practices in the areas of employment law and human resource management. A graduate of the UCLA School of Law and a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, Ms. Perez has practiced employment law since 1992. She has worked in Mexico City directing an international judicial education program, has trained thousands of human resources, legal and other professionals, and has extensive work experience as an employment attorney and an HR executive.

Ms. Perez currently serves as a member of the Fair Employment and Housing Council. She was appointed to the Council by Governor Edmund G. Brown in June of 2013 and confirmed by the California Senate in April of 2014. Ms. Perez previously served as a Commissioner on California’s Fair Employment and Housing Commission. Appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2008 and confirmed by the California Senate in 2009, Ms. Perez’s work as Vice Chair of the Commission (from 2008-2011) included adjudicating matters brought before the Commission, drafting regulations clarifying the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), mediating disputes, and participating in a series of presentations aimed at educating the public on how to comply with California’s civil rights laws. Ms. Perez sat on the Commission regulation-drafting subcommittees for both the pregnancy discrimination and the disability discrimination regulations, with the disability discrimination regulations enacted effective as of December 30, 2012.

Prior to joining Ogletree, Ms. Perez founded her own firm in California, and prior to that, practiced employment law at two San Diego law firms. Ms. Perez also served as the head of HR and Employee Relations Department, where she provided advice and counsel on all areas of employment law to the firm’s attorneys and staff managers.

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