A Modern People Focused Compliance Program

Administering a compliance training program is an essential function of any HR department. Bare minimum compliance programs may check the regulatory to-do box, but they will not help create a healthy and productive workplace culture. Too many training programs simply supply trainees with a list of “don’ts” without actually contributing to workplace productivity and employee success. The best compliance training programs represent your organization’s cultural values and develop an ongoing strategy that meets the needs of your team today and tomorrow.

We have identified eight elements a modern, people-focused compliance program should contain to make the most of employee training.

  • Accessible on-the-go and at home with mobile device compatibility
  • Built on HTML5, instead of Flash, to ensure the safety of your data and systems
  • High-quality, relevant videos reflecting current events to enrich your training program
  • An interactive training program should allow users to compare their perspective on situations with others in their organization and the global learner community
  • Customized with personalized content will keep your trainees engaged and invested
  • Multiple language options to ensure that you reach every employee with identical content
  • Safe and anonymous Q&A functionality
  • A data-driven strategy to identify problem areas and provide the most relevant information to your team.

Successful compliance programs require a forward-looking partner that is proactive and deliberate in their approach. Download and share this helpful infographic so you know what to look for in a compliance training program, then schedule a consultation with Emtrain for more details on how our training courses meet your organization’s needs.

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