Becoming an Actionable Ally

Valuing Differences and Being an Ally

About 15% of healthcare professionals believe that people in positions of power get away with disrespect because of their authority, according to Emtrain’s Insights. Stereotypes around race, age, gender, job title, to name a few, factor in how we treat each other in the workplace. We tend to treat each other unfairly. 

Microlesson Description

In this microlesson, we educate healthcare professionals on how to be an ally with their actions. It’s essential to speak up when they witness bias and disrespect against another person. Standing up for other colleagues will make them feel appreciated in the workplace and also helps build allyship and prevent future disrespectful behavior.

Key Concepts

  • Learn to value differences and speak up for equal treatment  
  • Why does one act of disrespect makes others feel unappreciated
  • How to act as an ally by jumping into conversations
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