The first step to educating people about workplace sexual harassment prevention is to engage them and get them thinking. And one way to get people thinking about topics that don’t directly benefit them (like money or career advancement) is to tap into the dialog surrounding current events. That’s what we do. We’ve assembled a professional team that can with the writing, acting, directing, and producing skills to recreate authentic workplace harassment video situations.

We’ve filmed hundreds of video scenes reflecting current events such as the Starbucks bias situation or the Google Manifesto. All of our video scenes are based on real stories that people are already talking about, which is how we trigger employee interest and dialog. Just ask Netflix or Dolby employees how much they enjoyed Emtrain’s videos.Emtrain also recommends a blended training model—meaning live workshops and discussion for senior executives and online training throughout the rest of the workforce. We’re here to support a blended learning approach in two different ways:

  • First, our experts can conduct your sexual harassment prevention training workshops. We’ve helped write the training laws in both California and New York and are skilled trainers and storytellers. These workshops focus on very practical issues and provide tools for people to identify which situations require them to slow down, switch their perspective and to navigate the situation carefully and respectfully.
  • Second, we provide a “train the trainer” package where we equip you with the media and content assets and training outline you’ll need to successfully conduct a sexual harassment prevention workshop.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Videos, Presentation Slides, and Case Studies

Do you need high-quality video scenes showing current events that reflect sexual harassment concepts? You’ll have access to our library of hundreds of video scenes to use in your workplace sexual harassment video training workshops.

Would you like presentation slides to help you conduct a sexual harassment prevention workshop? We’re constantly evolving our material but we’re happy to provide our current sexual harassment prevention slide deck, case studies, and a training outline to help our community partners conduct a powerful workshop experience.

A Learning Platform That Tracks Live Workshops and Online Training

Some employers conduct live training workshops for sexual harassment prevention but don’t have a platform to track the training participation records. Relying on individual communications to track and record training participation is a BIG challenge. For audit purposes, it’s far better to have all those records housed in one consolidated place. When you ask Emtrain experts to conduct your workshops or you partner with Emtrain for our training materials, we have the ability to set you up with access to our learning platform to make your record retention obligation much easier.

Blended Learning and a Consistent Learning Dialog

The beauty of partnering with Emtrain when using a blended learning approach is that your entire workforce will engage in the same practical concepts, using the same tools, and will dialog about the same nuances of video scenes (and current events) shown within the training. That way, regardless of HOW people participate, their participation will foster the same, consistent dialog throughout the organization, allowing stakeholders to tap into the dialog with their own messages and influence workplace behavior.