Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Awareness Online Training Course

Course Overview

In today's workplace, cybersecurity is important to more than just your IT team or technologists. It impacts your organization’s business, clients, brand and reputation. And for many organizations, one significant cybersecurity breach can literally put the entire organization at risk.

That’s why every employee needs a basic primer on common cyber threats and the steps everyone can take to guard against them. This course is designed to quickly introduce key concepts and arm employees practical information and tips to minimize the cybersecurity risks to your organization.


Course Snapshot

Course length: 30 min

Audience: Managers and Employees

Format: Video, animation and audio narration

Cybersecurity provides a quick introduction to and practical guidance on common cybersecurity threats to your organization. It is designed to help employees identify situations that leave personal or corporate information vulnerable to hacking. It also helps non-IT employees learn best practices for creating strong passwords, avoiding web scams and safeguarding your organization’s devices and information assets.

Learners are also given direct access to Emtrain’s Course Experts and can anonymously ask questions via our innovative Expert Q&A feature.

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Meet David Brezinski

Cybersecurity Expert

David is the Director of Security Engineering at Juniper Networks. He leverages his vast expertise in information security to help organizations around the globe maximize their investments, online security, and foster a business environment with robust risk mitigation capabilities. David's insight along with over 25 years of experience in enterprise architecture planning, security, operations, monitoring, and optimization make him an essential authority in the information security sector.

Key Course Concepts

  • The nature of the threat.
  • How to spot situations that make information vulnerable to hacking.
  • Why strong passwords matter.
  • What are social engineering attacks?
  • What are phishing attacks.
  • How to safeguard devices from malware and spyware.
  • What are Web-based attacks.
  • The role of personal devices in comprehensive cybersecurity.
  • How to guard against ransomware attacks.

Key Course Features

  • Course expert is David Brezinski, Director of Security Engineering at Juniper Networks.
  • Gives learners access to Emtrain Experts for best practices on this topic.
  • Learners are introduced to critical risk areas by a relatable Video Trainer using an approach and language that resonates with learners.
  • Rich animation and video scenarios illustrate key concepts and realistic workplace situations.
  • Including polling questions that allow learners to see how others answered course questions.
  • Tailored to include your branding and policy.
  • Available in English (multiple languages upon demand).
  • Includes Emtrain’s robust Learning Platform.
  • Available in SCORM 1.2, 2004 3rd edition, and 2004 4th edition

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