How to Take #ActionforEquality

How to Take #ActionforEquality

Resources for Being a Better Ally

Black Lives Matter has taken the world by storm, and it’s something you and your organization should seriously consider getting behind! Now is a time for action, and a huge part of that action is educating yourself on the Black American experience. Learn about the message behind the movement, then see where you can help!

This guide is an extensive list of resources for how you can be a part of Black Lives Matter and take #ActionforEquality. It includes resources to educate yourself, and your children about race in America, how to be an ally, understand white privilege, and information about the black experience in the workplace. In addition, we’ve provided a list of social justice organizations, black-owned businesses, and black-owned banks that you can support in honor of Black Lives Matter, and in a general effort to build up the black communities that have sat on the sidelines of our economy for far too long.

Download this guide and learn how you can take #ActionforEquality.

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